Skyblue Solutions is proud to work with the Ministry of Justice

Skyblue Solutions is one of the most effective recruitment that is helping ministry of justice in recruiting quality workforce. SkyBlue solutions has industry level experts that looked at unique Ministry needs and provided a tailored solution with fantastic results.

The team has been supported by dedicated personnel for account consultants, infrastructure and construction sectors and more. Skyblue Solutions aims to provide the right talent a place in the right industries for them.

Skyblue Solutions is utilizing consistent practices of recruitment to offer the best quality and controlled costs. They are also monitoring and managing legislation, compliance, and best practices in every industry. Skyblue Solutions also takes pride in being a key supplier of agency workers into various Government facility services including the Ministry of Justice.

As a company we take pride in being part of Govt Facility Services Limited (GFSL). GFSL section of the Ministry of Justice is responsible for facilities management into Her Majesties Prison and Probation Services (HMPPS). This service is working in more than 45 different location across the business. Skyblue Solutions, a part of Fortel group, is also offering equal opportunities for employment to any eligible, deserving, and talented candidates. It is also working hard to help its candidates in finding the right working position there in the best possible way. Skyblue Solutions is focused on tackling any type of biased and unlawful discrimination. It takes pride in helping job candidates to get the right position in the Ministry of Justice as well as in various other fields more effectively.

Working in the Ministry of Justice is a rewarding experience which can lead to an amazing career lasting decades.