Fortel nijjer fortel owner diversity and inclusion

As the UK’s largest supplier of labour to the construction industry, we are well aware of the responsibility we have to play our part in this drive for greater diversity and we believe 2020 will be looked back upon as a turning point. The fact we are a BAME owned business hasn’t hindered our overall progress over the last 20 plus years, but it is inspiring to see the concentrated effort made of late across the industry to embrace diversity.

Has it taken a global pandemic and social equality movement to finally light a spark under our industry?

Diversity – a term that everyone is familiar with, but is it only now that we are starting to get to grips with its true meaning and the impact it can have on the construction industry? Repeated calls have been made from far and wide for progress – from industry associations and business leaders to education bodies and eminent individuals – but we do believe that we are at the start of a change in attitude and culture.

Fortel Nijjer, Owner of Fortel since 2008 said, “At fortel we believe that change stems from open and honest communication, so we asked our contributors a series of questions that encouraged them to look at where the construction industry has been in terms of diversity and inclusion, where it is now and where it is going”.

The different backgrounds, experiences and perspectives of our contributors allowed us to get a true reflection of where we are as an industry and what we need to do.